Dare to Be a Daniel

Equip young people, aged 9 to 14 years, to live bold Christian lives.

The people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits  (Daniel 11:32b NKJV)
"exploits" - striking or notable deeds, feats, spirited or heroic acts. 
This is the mission of Dare to Be a Daniel.

As young people journey through 5 powerful themes in the life of the outstanding young prohet, Daniel, they are equipped to stand strong, live courageous Christian lives and boldly share Christ with their friends: 

  1. DARE to be different for God;
  2. DARE to be disciplined and know Jesus better;
  3. DARE to be discerning with choices and friends;
  4. DARE to be His disciple through self-sacrifice and humility;
  5. DARE to share and be prepared to tell the good news of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

Available FREE to churches.
Conditions apply.

Dare to Be a Daniel adapts easily to your church programming and is available FREE to help you disciple your 9 to 14 year olds.

This material has been used in small groups, kids' church, youth groups and camps. One church used the material in their kids, youth and main church services for several weeks all at the same time, seeing it as a way to strengthen families.

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